Travel Program

For those more dedicated players wanting a challenge and the opportunity of playing in other towns throughout
Southeast Massachusetts.

Travel Coaches

All Coaches and Volunteers MUST have a CORI on file with MYSA in order to participate with BYSA. 




Process to Become a Coach for Travel:
   1.  Fill out an application prior to the season that you are interested in a coaching position.
   2.  Complete the MYSA CORI form on the BYSA website.
   3.  Sign a Coaches Code of Conduct which may also include watching a coaching video on good
   4.  Obtain a MYSA "G" (U9& U10) , "F" (U11, U12 & U13), and "E" (U14-U18) or better coach's    
        license (BYSA pays for it).
   5.  Provide a copy of current active license (USSF, NSCAA, FIFA).

Coach Selections:
  Coach Selections are made by the Travel Director(s) and the Competition Committee based on experience, credentials, and merit. This is then brought to the Board for Approval of the final selection.

Travel Coaches Responsibilities:
  1.  Be a sportsmanship role model to children and parents. BYSA Coaches need to maintain the
       highest standard of conduct both on and off the playing field.
  2.  Promote a positive image for the BYSA community.
  3.  Adhere to BYSA Board decisions.
  4.  Spring Travel Coaches must attend both of the Mandatory Coaches Pre-Season Meetings.

Additional Responsibilities for Fall Travel Coaches:
  1.  Coaches must inform the Travel Director of their practice schedule.
  2.  Cancelled Games do not have to be rescheduled. It is the Coaches responsibility to get in touch
       with the Opposing Coach and reschedule the game. Once a time and place have been agreed
       upon the Coach must inform the Travel Director of the change.
  3.  It is the responsibility of the Coach to contact each Opposing Coach of all home games, and
       inform them of the time and place of the games. If any changes need to be made the Coach
       must contact the Travel Director.
  4.  The Harvest Cup Tournament will take place over Columbus Day Weekend. Registration for
       this tournament can be done on the BYSA website. It is open to all teams from U10-U14. 
      Games are played at the McBarron Fields, Old Townhouse Fields and at Cape Cod Community

Additional Responsibilities for Spring Travel Coaches:
  1.  At the mandatory coaches meeting, coaches will need to bring a 1x1 head shot of
       themselves for a coaches pass card. All paperwork must be completed by the meeting. 
       Rosters, Indoor Clinic Schedules, and SCSL handbooks will be given out. Coaches will
       sign-up for their outdoor practice schedules and a form will be given out for uniform #'s and
       sizes of the players.
  2.  Indoor Practice clinics at the BHS Field House begin in early January and runs into mid-March
       at which time outdoor practice should begin. Coaches should run at least 1-2 practices a week, 
       depending on the players age group. BYSA will inform Coaches when they can begin their
       practices. If Coaches have any extra practices, they MUST email the practice scheduler to
       reserve the field. This will cover their team for insurance purposes and ensure that they have
       preference to that field at that time.
  3.  On or about February 1st, Coaches will be given access to website as a coach to
       register. Some computers need uploads from this website page in order to use this program.
      Once Coaches have been approved, they will have the ability to report scores, review
      schedules, report red and yellow cards, and check out the standings in their division. Be
      familiar with this website.
  4.  Coaches will be notified by email once their schedules are posted on the SCSL website.
  5.  Coaches are to report all game scores and any yellow or red cards, on the SCSL website within
       48 hours of your game. Failure to report scores will result in fines to BYSA.
  6.  All cancelled games will need to be rescheduled. Instructions on how this is to be done are in
       the SCSL Handbook. READ THE SCSL HANDBOOK.

If a player or a coach is involved in a fracas, they will not be allowed to play/coach until the
board has held a special meeting to decide what action is appropriate.

All Coaches and Players for Fall & Spring Programs must be in Full Compliance with the
BYSA By-Laws.

Approved on January 12, 2010

Click on soccer ball to register and/or report scores to SCSL